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Books and articles used in development of this website in the personal library of Mike Dunlap

Highly Recommended!

New World Celts

To Hell or Barbados; the ethnic cleansing of Ireland, Sean O'Callaghan; Brandon Books, Kerry Ireland, 2000

We're Indians Sure Enough The Legacy of the Scottish Highlanders in the United States ; Michael Newton ; Windhaven Press NH 2001

The Irish-Americans ;William D. Griffin;  Beaux Arts Editions, 1998

Tam Blake & Co. The Story of the Scots in America; Jim Hewitson; Canongate, Edinburgh 1993

A Dance Called America; James Hunter; Mainstream Publishing, Edinburgh 1994

Glencoe and the Indians; James Hunter; Mainstream Publishing, Edinburgh 1996

America B.C.; Barry Fell; Pocket Books, NY 1976

Life and Times of John Young, confidant and advisor to Kamehameha the Great; Emmett Cahill; Island Heritage. 1999

Last of the Celts; Marcus Tanner, Yale University Press; 1994

Albion's Seed:Four British Folkways in America; David Hackett Fischer; Oxford University Press;1989

The Floridas in The Revolutionary Era; edited by Samuel Proctor; Florida Historical Quarterly; April 1976

Highland Settlers: Scottish Highland Immigrants in North America; Michael Newton 2003

Early Explorers of North America; C Keith Wilbur; Globe Pequot Press; 1989

Nature and the English Diaspora: Environment and History in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand; Thomas Dunlap; Cambridge University, 1999

Creeks and Seminoles; J Leitch Wright, Jr.; University of Nebraska, 1986

6000 Years of Seafaring; Orville L Hope; 1983

Darien, The Scottish Dream of Empire; John Prebble; Birlinn Lmtd; Edinburgh 2000

The Farfarers: Before the Norse; Farley Mowat; Steerforth Press, Vermont 1998

Kaiulani, Crown Princess of Hawaii; Nancy Webb et al; Mutual Publishing, Honolulu 1962

Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson; Stephen Ambrose; Simon/Schuster NY 1996

Nothing Like it in the World (Transcontinental Railroad); Stephen Ambrose: Simon/Schuster NY 2000

Highland Heritage: Scottish-Americans in the American South; Celeste Ray; UNC Press 2001

Carolina Scots, An Historical and Genealogical Study of over 100 years of Emigration; Douglas Kelly, with Caroline Switzer Kelly; 1739 Publications; Dillion, SC 1998.

How Celtic Culture Invented Southern Literature; James Cantrell; Pelican Publishing; 2006

Scots in the North American West ; 1790-1917 Ferenc Morton Szasz ; Univ of Oklahoma Press 2000



Story of the Irish Race; Seumas MacManus; Barnes and Nobel, NY; originally published in 1921

How the Irish Saved Civilization; Thomas Cahill; Doubleday, NY 1995

The Encyclopedia of Ireland: edited by Brian Lalor; Yale University Press; 2003

Short History of Ireland; John O'Beirne Ranelagh; Cambridge University; 1983



The Scotch-Irish; A Social History; James Leyburn; University North Carolina Press, 1962

The People with No Name...Ireland's Ulster-Scots, America's Scots-Irish; Patrick Griffin; Princeton 2001



The Surnames of Scotland; George Black; NY Public Library; 1946; Birlinn Ltd, Edinburgh; 1999

Mark of the Scots; Duncan Bruce; Citadel Press; NY 1996

How the Scots Invented the Modern World; Arthur Herman; Three Rivers Press NY 2001

The Scottish 100..Profiles of History's Most Influential Scots...Duncan Bruce ...Carroll and Graf, New York 2000

The Castles of Scotland  Past and Present; Christina Gambaro; Barnes and Nobles, NY, 1999

Scottish Tartans, James Grant; Dover Publications, NY, 1992

Burns   Complete Poems and Songs; Oxford Press, 1969 Edited by James Kinsley

Mary, Queen of Scots; Antonia Fraser; Methuen London, LTD, 1969

Scottish Customs; Sheila Livingstone; Barnes and Noble, NY, 1996

Traveler's History of Scotland; Andrew Fisher; Interlink Books, NY 1997

A short History of Scotland; Richard Killeen; Gill and MacMillan

Scottish Highlanders; Charles MacKinnon; Barnes and Noble, NY, 1984

Periods in Highland History; I E Grant and Hugh Cheape; Barnes and Noble, 1987

The History Of Scotland, Peter and Fiona Somerset Fry; Barnes and Noble, NY. 1982

Scotland, Nigel Blundell, Barnes and Noble, 2000

Scots Kith and Kin; Albyn Press, Edinburgh.

Rosslyn   Guardian of the secrets of the Holy Grail; Tim Wallace-Murphy and Marilyn Hopkins; Element Books Limited; 2000

Ancient Scotland; Stewart Ross; Barnes and Nobles, NY, 1998

Carmina Gadelica; Hymns and Incantations; Alexander Carmichael; Lindisfarne Press; 1992


Old World Celts

Celtic Myths and Legends; T.W. Rolleston; Gresham Publishing; 1994

Alba of the Ravens, In Search of the Celtic Kingdom of the Scots; John Marsden; Constable Press, 1997

Aithne na nGael, Gaelic Identities; Edited by Gordon McCoy with Maolchilaim Scott; Institute of Irish Studies, Belfast;2000

The Celts: First masters of Europe; Christiane Eluere; Thames and Hudson; 1992

Who Were the Celts? Kevin Duffy; Barnes and Noble, NY, 1996

What Life was Like Among Druids and High Kings; Celtic Ireland AD 400-1200; Time-Life Books

Caesar against the Celts; Ramon l Jimenez; Castle books, 2001

Life in Celtic Times; AC Smith and William Kaufman; Dover Publications; 1997



Tartan for Me!; suggested tartans for Scots, Scot-Irish, Irish, and North American Surnames with Clan, Family and District tartans; Philip Smith; Heritage Books, Inc; 1998 7th Edition

Gaelic Dictionary; Malcolm MacLennan; Acair and Mercat Press; 1979; originally published in 1925

World Tartans; Ian Zaczek;Collins and Brown Ltd, London, 2001