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History of Celts in the New World

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There is a fascinating, astounding history of Celts outside of Euro-Asia that not many people are aware of. Here is a small sample of what you will find on the New World History pages of this site:

Don Ambrosio O'Higgins, Irish liberator of Chile


Robert E Lee, Commander-in-Chief of the Confederate Forces, Direct descendant of Robert the Bruce


Lachlan Macquarie , Australian Scot, "Father of Australia"


Princess of Hawaii, half Scottish


Cherokee Chief (1827-1866) John Ross, seven-eighths Scot


James Cook, discoverer of New Zealand


Finnan McDonald, Canadian Frontiersman


Alexander MacGillivray, Chief of the Upper Creek (Muskogee)



From the many Indian Chiefs with Scottish Heritage in America to the Irish liberators of Chile to the MacGregor invasion of Florida.

From Two Celts who helped Hawaiian King Kamahamaha defeat his enemies: Isaac Davis, Welshman,  and Scot John Young to the Princess Kaiulani, daughter of a Scot (Archibald Cleghorn) and last of the Hawaiian Royal line.

From the author of, the signers of , and the roots of the Declaration of Independence to the printer of that very document

From the Governor of New South Wales to the Prime Ministers of Australia

From the Governors of the Thirteen Colonies to over sixty percent of America's Presidents

From Finnian MacDonald, Frontiersman through Duncan MacDonald of the Nez Pierce to an overwhelming majority of the Canadian Prime Ministers

From the Welsh backbone of America's coal and steel industries to Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie

The Cornish Miners in Mexico and South America

From small groups of Ulster Scots in the 1600's to the mid 1860's when 75% of the American South’s population was Celtic. The Confederate battle flag was a transatlantic version of the saltires of St. Andrew and St. Patrick. Because of this, many US Southern State flags have the saltires incorporated in their design. In that same War  many Irish Brigades were formed on both sides from the over two million Irish who emigrated from 1847-1857.

From Scot Tom Blake (Tamas Blaque) who traveled with Conquistador Coronado's expedition in the American Southwest to Lewis and Clark three hundred years later.  Sinclair and the Knights Templar in Massachusetts in the 1390's...The stories of Irish explorer St Brendan and Welsh Prince Madoc discovering and settling in America before Columbus was born... Irishman William Ayers traveling with Columbus on the Santa Maria in 1492  and evidence of Celts here in  Ogham (ancient Celtic line lettering) inscriptions dated 300-500BC found in West Virginia!

From the Scottish settlements of Carolina , Georgia, Florida ; Darien, Panama; Nova Scotia; Western Australia ...the Welsh in Patagonia, Argentina, Pennsylvania and Virginia...The Irish in America and the the tremendous contribution of them all in the founding of today's nations of the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand the Celts have produced the Fathers of the New World


Today, there are more people of Celtic descent in North America alone than in all the European based Celtic countries put together! (Scot Roots)

Celts made their unmistakable marks here....see them on the New World Celtic History pages.


Celtic Diasporas

From Wikipedia

"No treatment of modern Celticity would be complete without mentioning the diasporas of Celtic peoples. A very large portion of the populations of the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand is composed of people from Ireland, Britain, Brittany and the Isle of Man; and Jamaica, Barbados, Montserrat, Saint-Barthélemy, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico have also experienced large-scale migration from these lands at various times.

There are three areas outside Europe with communities of traditional Celtic language speakers: the Chubut valley of Patagonia with Welsh speaking Argentinians (known as "Y Wladfa"), Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia, with Scottish Gaelic-speaking Canadians and southeast Newfoundland with Irish Gaelic-speaking Canadians.

While no celtic-identified immigrant group is currently pursuing independence or other nationalist goals, Celtic people have played critical roles in each societies movements for independence from the larger empires to which they were formerly attached. Today, Celtic identity throughout the Diaspora is generally presented as a cultural identity (as opposed to a nationalist or racial one), and is experiencing a major revival.

Since the 1960s, there has been a very considerable growth of interest and enthusiasm in their Celtic heritage on the part of such people. Certain places in the diaspora have particularly strong associations with these various identities: the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia, with Cornish Australians; Liverpool with the Welsh and Irish people in England; Jesus College, Oxford with Welsh students; Glasgow with the Irish in Scotland; South Boston or the South Side of Chicago with Irish Americans; and certain arrondissements of Paris with Breton Parisians.

Historically prominent members of the Celtic Diaspora in the Americas include Andrew Jackson, Woodrow Wilson, John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara, Bernardo O'Higgins, Che Guevara (who was of Irish, Spanish, and Basque descent), the members of the St. Patrick's Battalion, and many others."