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The New World Celts is a charitable corporation [USA 501 (c) (3)]  dedicated to promoting Celtic History and supporting Celtic Culture in the New World. See Mission.


macalpinMembership is open to all with an interest in Celtic Culture.


"We were looking to start something fresh...wanting something that would encompass all Celtic Nations, including the four New World Celtic Nations. A New World Celt would be someone aware of what our people did here, in America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. And, it was suggested, would be someone who helped support today's Celtic Culture by raising funds for, providing scholarships for, or just plain helping small cultural groups (dancers, athletes, musicians, re-enactors, etc) that would otherwise be overlooked by the larger organizations."

...Mike Dunlap, Founder and First President.

What does the NWC do?


-We provide scholarships for students of Piping, Highland Dance, and Fiddle to attend Alasdair Fraser's world famous fiddling school, Sabhal Mor Ostaig, the School of Scottish Arts in North Carolina; the North American Academy of Piping and Drumming in North Carolina; the College of Piping Highland Dance Camp, Prince Edward Island, Canada; the Ohio Scottish Arts School, on the Oberlin College campus. The NWC has also applied for grants to initiate our own New World Celt Cultural College in Dunedin, Florida.

Financial Support

Margaret Morrison School of Highland Dance for their competitive trips to Scotland, where they have competed at Highland Games and won multiple trophies and medals; along with many individual Highland and Irish Dancers.

NWC  Heavy (Highland) Athletics (Dunedin & Brandon, FL) where we provided equipment in more than one location for practice, games, exhibitions and instruction. NWC also provides instruction for the Heavy Scottish Athletics. Individual Chapters support their local Highland Heavy Athletes and Celtic Wrestlers. Kevin Dupries, Premier Highland Athlete, who we helped to fund travel for him to compete in 5 on 5 USA vs Scotland Highland Athlete challenge. (USA won handily!)

79th NY Cameron Highlanders- Explorer Scout Venture Group 479 where the NWC provided funding for plaid trews, and other re-enactment groups portraying Scottish or Irish regiments.

Scottish-American Military Society where we donated display tents.

Tim Marchand, North American Champion Tenor Drummer who we helped fund travel to the North American Tenor Championships.

Musicians who we assisted in recording their music.

Pipe Bands: NWC has provided support for the Rosy O'Grady's Pipe Band, The Tampa Bay Pipe Band, the St Petersburg Pipes and Drums, and the Jacobite Pipe and Drum Band.

Lakeland Youth Soccer Team and the Lakeland Irish Rugby Team were sponsored by the NWC along with other sports teams.

Scottish-American Society of Dunedin, Florida where many of our Dunedin members are also life members of the SAS; and where we provided many upgrades to the air conditioning, appliances, and plumbing in the building the SAS meets in.


Highland Games and Festivals

Dunedin, FL Highland Games where the NWC has a representative on the Board, sponsored athletic awards, managed the Tug-of war event and trophy, provided an escort for the Honorary Chief of the Day, assisted clans in tent set-up, and managed the Parade of Tartans at the Tattoo. NWC also runs a full slate of events during Highland Games week, including a Pub Crawl, Scottish Breakfast, Tartan Day celebration, Whisky Taste, and Haggis Hunt.

Dunedin, FL Celtic Festival where the NWC provides perimeter and gate security with its popular kilted security unit: "Barbarians at the Gate".

Sarasota, FL Highland Games where the NWC  provides website management and assists in the Opening Ceremonies.

Tallahassee, Fl Highland Games where the NWC has members on the Board of directors, provides a volunteer pool and overall support.

Central Florida Highland Games near Orlando, Fl where the NWC has representatives on the Board, provides a pool of volunteers and overall support.

Celebration of Celts, Chatham, NY where the NWC has representatives on the Board, provides overall support, and entertainment.

Zephyrhills, Fl Highland Games where the NWC has representatives on the Board, provided parking, gate manning and MC announcing along with a volunteer pool and overall support.

Jacksonville Fl, Highland Games where the NWC has representatives on the Board and provides overall support.

Jacksonville, FL  Irish Festival where the NWC provided Parking volunteers.

Hawai'i an Scottish Festival where the NWC has representatives on the Board of Directors.

Japan Highland Games where the NWC provides overall support.


We invite you to browse through the History pages of this site to familiarize yourself with what the Celts accomplished in the New World: in North and South America, Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand, and the Caribbean. Look at the legacy of all of the Celts, who did not fall off the Western edge of Europe and disappear! They went to the West, merged with other peoples of Europe and the local natives and became major influences wherever they landed. It is part of the Mission of the New World Celts organization to ensure that this legacy is never forgotten , and that the Celtic Culture of the Old World is carried into our future by those in the New World.

osceola2Robert E Lee, Direct descendant of Robert the BrucedonAmbrosiogdetportrait of Lachlan Macquarie (1805), Australian ScotFinnan McDonald, Canadian frontiersmanPrincess Ka'iulani, last of  Hawai'i's Royal line, daughter of a Scot Cherokee Chief  (1827-1866) John RossAlexander Macgillivray, Chief of the Upper Creek (Muskogee)James Cook, discoverer of New Zealand

Click here for info on these New World Celts!

"We will always be proud of Celtic contributions to History, and with every new day's actions, intend to be able to say the same tomorrow." MJD

I warmly invite you and/or your organization to join our endeavor.

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"Perhaps the only real definition of a Celt, now as in the past, is that a Celt is a person who believes him or herself to be Celtic." Prof. Barry Cunliffe (Oxford Univ.).


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The NWC is an all-inclusive 501 (c) (3) charitable benevolent society. The New World Celts is not to be confused with, nor to be associated with and never will be associated with any racist organization. We are very proud of our members of Celtic heritage and equally proud of our members of Native American, African and Asian heritage. We disavow wholeheartedly any connection with or attempts by any racist organization to link themselves to us via the internet or by using our name or symbols to further their own cause. We are very proud to be Americans, Australians, Canadians, and New Zealanders and as such, aspire to the golden ideals of ancient Celts: that all are equals.